Hot Yoga Tips

As part of my HOORAY CHANGE actions I joined a hot yoga studio. I’ve done it once before, admittedly a long time ago and I hated it – it was so hot, I was left so dehydrated, and honestly, all the other chicks intimidated the shit out of me in their head-to-toe lulumon get ups (the studio was in a ritzy Chicago neighborhood) with their headstands, it was too much for me to really consider joining. Plus I was smoking, and while it’s not cardio, the heat really loosens up your insides and I’ll spare you the details but – ew.

So, this time around I am living in suburbia full of soccer moms and trendy stay at home dads, and my best friend :)  She suggested we give it a try as an attempt to look SUPER for our Halloween costumes. While our Halloween ended up being a bit of a flop (we cancelled our original downtown plans) we did stick to the yoga and I really dig it.

So, first things first, what is hot yoga? It’s yoga in a 105 degree, 40% humidity room – it can be Bikram where there’s a set program or just yoga you do in a really hot temp (which is what we do). Why I like it so much is I live in Chicago where our temps are constantly “record breaking” – it’s already snowed twice this year – so, for me, being in extreme heat daily and sweating your ass off is amazing. And it burns like 500 calories per class (which I know that’s not yogi at all to speak about but come on! If you want to get toned in a jiffy with yoga, I strongly suggest hot yoga) – not to mention it detoxes your entire body by sweating out all impurities so it’s really just a win all around.

But back to my intention (see what I did there) here are my tips for being a hot-hot yogi:

1. NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE CLASS OR GO HUNGOVER – which you would think would be a given, but I have attempted to do this and it never. ends. well. There’s nothing that distracts you more than trying to hold it down. And you smell like booze. Spare everyone and stay home to sober up.

2. Don’t eat directly beforehand but do eat beforehand. Similar to any other type of sport, an empty stomach sucks but too full and you’re an inflexible blob that can’t move out of your child’s pose. Minimum a piece of fruit.

3. Bring a towel or hand grips – your heads will get slippery and it will be terrifying.

4. Bring water – and drink it throughout the day. I usually drink about 1.5 gallons of water a day, which, I understand not everyone has the luxury of being able to accommodate a lot of water consumption but drink as much as you can as often as possible.

5. Try to recruit a friend! More motivation to get your ass to class :) but don’t not go if they don’t go.  You’re still doing this for you!

6. Leave everything at the door when you step into the studio. Yoga is my favorite part of the day because I get to peel off all the experiences and just focus on me. My breath, my body and just let it all go. Even for an hour, it’s so important to have that time to just quiet your mind.  And no judging in class! That’s just not a very zen thing to do.

7. Wear wicking fabrics and you may not feel the most comfortable in shorts due to all the poses that require bending over. I wear capris most of the time – and, if you’re like me you don’t have a ton of wicking clothes because you too started working out like yesterday (Ok, so I’ve been at this for a month now) and constant washing wears away at the fibers but I actually just thoroughly rinse mine while I’m showering after class and just pay extra attention to the implied areas… I get 2 wears out of them, re-wearing it once is still kind-of iffy for me, and then I wash them.

  • Tip-tip: TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are excellent for yoga clothes. You can get nice brands for even cheaper than Target’s C9! And there are a bunch of sites out there that provide outfits too, if you can wait for them ;)

8. Blow your nose, remove your makeup, ect, before class because once you hit that heat… Boy, it’s all coming off and out. I just get the generic make-up wipes from Target and take it all off when I’m on the train home. It’s like $4.99 for 25 which lasts about a month.

  • Unrelated Life Tip: I also keep some by my bed for when I’m feeling lazy (drunk) and don’t wash my face before bed.

9. Bring a towel to wipe your sweat off on – trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Bottom line: (and this applies to any type of workout) You always regret not going but you never regret going.

Keep calm and sweat on!

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Make the Girl Dance – Kill Me

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Unfortunate Life Truths

We’re all grown ups right?


Just because you had sex with someone doesn’t mean they owe you anything, some douches will hit n quit so bad you don’t even get a hello in public.  Get tested and make sure you cross that worthless type off your list.


Every smoker is “trying to quit” except we’re not, we just tell you that to get you to change the subject.


Most of the time you’ll be asked out via text. A phone call is excellent and in person? Shall I go commando? Jk but there’s some serious hotness in forgoing technology.


If he doesn’t contact you within 3 days (and that’s hella liberal considering most text immediately after a date) he’s not interested. Move on.


Chicken and tuna salad are not socially acceptable foods.  I probably sound like a glorified bitch saying that right now, but I’m sure some people are nodding YES along to this.  It just has a very unpleasant smell and not everyone is equipped to handle it.


People do judge you by your looks.  Again, glorified bitch, but they do.  It’s incredibly frustrating and sad and hurtful but remember that your looks are the very first impression you make (most of the time) so take care of yourself.  Your body is a temple <3 


Men are usually right … they have an uncanny ability to take emotion out of the picture.  They offer a good perspective, is all I’m saying


You don’t have the ability to change/”fix” anyone but yourself nor do you do it for anyone else.  Plus, don’t put that responsibility on yourself, people are people.  Find one that treats you like a Goddess

Sex in the city movie apartment

Being housepoor is impossible. Don’t do it to yourself.  Even if you do get that too expensive but in a perfect location place, don’t take it.  Stick to your 30% income.


“I’ll be there in five” means you need to take a seat and get comfy.


A promise is not a commitment, so much as an “I’ll see what I can do.”  Don’t depend on people to get shit done that you could easily do yourself and don’t tell people your secrets.  Of course, we all have a select circle we can trust but it is just that, a select circle.  If you don’t want it getting around to at least 3 more people, snowballing and straying from the truth from there (as we all know), don’t tell them.


Don’t trust anyone too much at work.  And don’t even think about talking shit about your boss with them.  True story: I have had a straight up GG inspired attack at a small real estate firm I worked for (when I say GG I mean, my boss luring me out after pretending to be a co-worker to a club at 1am, then co-worker and boss 3 way call attacking me for 90 minutes -boss was on mute and unannounced- then boss waking me up at 7 am telling me the whole thing). Jus’ sayin’ crazy people are out there, and I meet all of them. 

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tumblr_liok36kPGK1qcm4vqo1_500_large1. Read something beyond buzzfeed, elite daily or huff post.  News network posts on your newsfeed don’t count either.  A hard copy preferably, with a cup of coffee, outside a cafe, with a wide rimmed hat on, and a tan, it’s just more nostalgic


2. Exfoliate every inch of your body.  I have the easiest recipe here.

3. Wash your makeup brushes.  They recommend daily but I do it weekly and don’t see any repercussions (though my foundation brush is pretty gross after 1 use #whitegirlproblems).  Michelle Phan has a great homemade recipe of 1 part olive oil 1 part dish soap.  Been using it for years.  2 thumbs way up.

Bridget Jones's Diary4. Write in a diary or journal.  Whatever you want, it doesn’t matter.  Lists, goals, personal updates, a novel, just write.

spend-day-self-reflection--large-msg-1328814519415. Reflect.  Keep your life and your past actions in check, praise yourself when needed and constructively criticize your faults.  This isn’t the time to be a bully or suicidal just always look forward and back.

6. Work out.  Personally, I have a freestyle dance party, in front of a mirror, of course.  It’s really the only way I can be entertained while breaking a sweat.

Mb76bda157754c9697186976ccdf1b2887. Take a risk. Have balls. Wherever the opportunity arises, career wise, romantically, ect, cease it.

SFS_SteakTipsWithCrispyPotatoes-188. Cook yourself a home cooked meal.  I am fortunate to get them daily but when I had my own place it wasn’t that way… But I always managed to make an elaborate meal for myself weekly (usually on Sunday great end/start to any week) and it saved me.

book_29. Orgasm. There, I said it. Cosmo here I come!

erinwasson-oncouch10. Relax an entire day.  Whatever does it for you, shopping, #9, no ones judging, doing nothing, just give yourself a break.

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Stupidly Easy DIY Exfoliant

3 ingredients kids, that’s all.  Non-toxic too so you can put it everywhere.  I even use it on my face and lips and it leaves my skin so incredibly soft.


What You’ll Need…

3 parts Unrefined sugar

3 parts Oil of higher grade  (you’re putting this on your body so think Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed…)

1 part Ground Coffee

Pour desired amount of sugar into mason jar, sprinkle in coffee grounds (I’d say about 1/2 tblsp) and cover in oil.  Incorporate ingredients and use immediately.  Unfortunately, since the oil congeals it’s really a 1 time use product the texture becomes really weird so you’ll get a feel of the right amount.

And really, you can add anything you want.  Different spices, lavender, scented oils, honey, salt…

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It’s OK to Quit

A… Job, Relationship, Hobby, Whatever.

If it’s not working, and you don’t feel like it’s ever going to work, make you happy, passionate, enriched then it’s time to quit.  That does not make you weak, stubborn, cruel, heartless, rude, unreasonable, the like (I’m trying to think of what my parents used on me during my little “intervention” yesterday morning).

You have to live life for you (and maybe people disagree with this, but I am a single female living with my parents rent free with no dependents so I guess I can afford to be a bit more selfish) but if you are not going to be happy, and I mean truly happy – not like 100% of the time, that’s unrealistic, but most. of. the. time. then it’s ok to nip it in the bud and call it quits.

Backstory on this post: I got a job, data entry and scripted calls (which the last thing I am is scripted) and had an unpleasant experience with a customer. In my fragile state I knew that this gig was going to cause more emotional strife than it was worth so I quit after 3 days.  I mean, there were a number of reasons that I chose to quit, top 2 being I did not enjoy the actual work itself and the other being (while the people were super nice and friendly) they were … well, soda drinkers.  I hear you all mocking me in your heads but anyone who – after ALL THE NEWS SEGMENTS ON HOW FUCKING TERRIBLE THAT IS FOR YOU (they mostly drank diet too which is even worse) prefers soda over coffee or tea, I just knew I was not in the right place.

My parents were furious.  5 months of unemployment (I have legitimate reasons for being unemployed) and I quit after 3 days, dramatic enough to threaten kicking me out.  The dust settled and my mother admitted to actually being jealous of my ability to quit jobs (she never has and I have quit all but 1, and this wasn’t the first time I worked somewhere for less than 3 days and quit.  I worked at h&m for 1 day.)

People are going to ridicule you, try to change your mind, bully and belittle you, play devils advocate and then there’s the fact that we are also all human so we have feelings, we grow attached, but you have to live your life and “do you” if you will and hell, everything happens for a reason anyway so don’t stress, it’ll all work out.  Just keep thinking of what you want and you’ll get it.

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Cheers! PS: I suck

So, admittedly, my April challenge was an all time fail.  I think I probably posted less than I have in every other month prior, for that I do sincerely apologize.  As you can imagine, I have been going through some shit stuff right now that has kept me, well… occupied.  And, of course May’s challenge will not be documented until the very end I’m sure.  But, no worries, the post-a-day challenge will be saved for another month.

But alas, it is time for me to rejoin society.  I got a job!  I actually got 2 jobs, one is a freelance virtual assistant type gig for some extra $ on the side but nonetheless, it’s an exciting time for me because now a job isn’t just a job, it’s a fucking career and will not be taken lightly.

With that being said, I feel as if I am on the verge of something huge, which makes me terribly impatient and excited.  These past few months of sitting around the house have been great, Lord knows I needed an extended staycation to detox from my whirlwind job before, but it has been so incredibly dull.  I haven’t spent the time nearly the way I thought I would have and I must say, I am even a bit disappointed in myself… which makes the surge of change I’m feeling within all the more appreciated and welcomed.


So cheers to everyone! To health, wealth and happiness.  You don’t have to wait until a new year to make changes, you can do it anytime and I choose now.


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Quest for a BF: Pt 1 Update

The quest is over.  And I wish I could say this on a positive note but I simply cannot.

I contemplated many times over whether why it didn’t work out was going to grace the pages of my blog and I decided (for the most part) it will as more of a PSA than anything so it will definitely be featured.

So, I locked in my first date for last Tuesday, April 15th, a date a never thought was going to be so memorable… We agree to meet at his place (a nice high rise downtown that I’m super familiar with).  We have a few drinks, chat, whatnot and head out to a bar to get out a little, change of scenery, if you will.

The bar is the last thing I saw before I was drugged.

My excellent OK Cupid date turned into a horror story that ended in the ER and a police report, the details to be spared.

So I’m not saying OK Cupid is at fault for this scenario, there is honestly nothing that could have been done.  Even if people knew where I was or whom I was with whatever happened would have happened.

So, just be safe out there.  Don’t be overly trusting.  Try not to use online dating.  And DO NOT LET ANYBODY TOUCH YOUR FUCKING DRINK UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM.

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Summer Inspired

Summer Inspired
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Summer Bucket List 2k14

Because this is so much more manageable than deciding one that is supposed to be a lifetime long.

Last summer, I was working 14 hour days, every day, even celebrated my, long awaited, 21st birthday with my boss, and we spent the entire time talking about work, of course.  So, this summer, not seeing my friends, not spending every weekend at lake houses, and not getting tan az hell is not an option.

I was inspired by one I found on Buzzfeed and did a few additions/modifications of my own. Living near Chicago, I have the luxury of life being outside my door so I decided to forget far away travel plans and extensive research and am leaving it up to me and my backyard to make this my best summer ever.  Because, as we all know, Chicago only gets 100 days of it.

imagesSip an umbrella drink
tumblr_lwio8d34kh1r06q46o1_500Take a daytrip to eat something amazing – probably GF themed
3Go sans make-up on vacations (have several weekend trips planned)
Stella-McCartney-Resort-Garden-Party-22_11535193591.jpg_carousel_partiesHost a party!
6Grill fruit. And lots of it.
giphyGo to the beach
Ji-Young Jung, Sun-hwa Park & Sojung Yoon by Kim Je Won (Spring Picnic - Singles Korea May 2011)33Go on a picnic
outdoor-decorating-MH0709-m-1-mdnPlant a garden
mimosasAttend a mimosa brunch
rooftopGo to a rooftop lounge
2013-0628_avocados-189Eat as many avocados as I can get my hands on
bonfire-518x345Hang out around a fire and drink whiskey
tumblr_mjxn64IEmm1rvvjnbo1_500Go camping
originalHave a water war
Coachella 2014: Day 1 AtmosphereGo to an outdoor concert/festival
farmers-market-produceCook a meal using only the farmer’s market
stock-footage-people-look-at-garage-saleGo garage saling
tour de france girl bicycle paris HRGo on a 10+ mile bike ride
navy_pier_swing_and_ferris_wheel_by_wallGo on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier
5402-5402_Classic-Wrigley-Field-Rooftop-Experience-MAINAttend a cubs rooftop game
Volume_ChugHost or attend a beer olympics
tumblr_mtfo056ggY1r5xzeyo1_400Getting matching tattoos with my mom and sister! – we decided on Foxes after Ylvis’ hit WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY??
11Go to a roller rink
Fashion-12-Alter-Ego-2Perfect an accent/alter ego
tumblr_m6191tyRXQ1ry22pqo1_500Plan a trip for this fall
5257_wallpaper-sony-gorgeous-camera-beautiful-model-Wallpapers_2560x1920Document every minute of it. I have nothing but selfies, it’s sad.

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